Low Budget Filmproducing

Low Budget Filmproducing

The presentation is aimed at production students and young producers just starting out. The presentation will run between one and three days, depending on the subject. 14-18 people may take part in a workshop.

In the lead-up to the workshop participants will receive 100 pages of documents, which they must study in advance.

Using a number of different examples of documents (calculations, financing plans, contracts), Veit Helmer will clarify the process of the preparation, production and marketing of films with budgets of between 0.5 million and 2.5 million euros.

Along with the well-known advantages (independence, profit margins), the risks will be outlined from the bottom up (responsibility, liability, book-keeping costs).

The workshops will strictly follow the normal production process of a film:

  1. Choice of material and development of the screenplay
  2. Packaging and financing 
  3. Production (production preparation, shooting, post production)
  4. Marketing and distribution (festivals, marketing, sales)

Fee by arrangement.